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Stacey's Southern Cooking | Chef | About The Cook

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Learn something about Southern Cookin's Owner & Chef

Stacey Fields From Memphis TNStacey Fields from Memphis Tennessee

Stacey is a Memphis Tennessee native (born and raised). The inspiration for her Southern Cuisine comes from a long history of family members that were involved in the food and beverage industry.

Stacey took the time out,  from a busy day in the kitchen,  to answer a few questions regarding her inspiration, love of  Southern Cuisine and future plans for her food delivery business.

Q: Why do you love southern cooking?

A: I love seeing the joy in someone's face when they enjoy a meal I cooked. I love to sit back and watch them enjoy the meal, if  I make their day just by cooking a meal, I'm happy. I've always been the one to say, if you're sick let me cook for you, if you're depressed let me cook for you, if you're happy let me cook for you, if you want to celebrate let me cook for you. If I can create something that is going to make you happy, that's where my love is, that's my passion. 

Q: Where did you learn to cook?

A: Well, everyone says their mama but it goes much farther than that for me, my great-grandfather owned a barbecue pit stand in the 1940's and everybody knew him for Uncle Joe's Pit bbq, he catered to everyone white or black. Everybody in my family could cook, it was like something in our genes. Unfornately, nobody carried it down and it's just been a passion of mine to want to continue the legacy. My mother, my grandmother, it was just something about our food that made people want to eat what we cooked. So, I learned, really young, I had my first lesson when I was about 5. We had an electirc skillet and my mom had me cook bacon and eggs. 

Q: What was the first southern dish that you mastered?

A: My first major meal that I cooked for my mom was smothered pork chops, buttermilk cornbread and greens. I did all that for her and I was about 15 and it was a major hit out of the kitchen and that was the first big meal I cooked for her. 

Q:Why fish, as the main part of these southern dishes?

A: Well, I've found that personally, I crave fish and you would have to go to the end of the Earth to find a place that served good hot fish. There's not a lot of places in Memphis that cater to fish lovers. We have a lot of Soul Food places that have a variety of meals, and I applaud them, but a lot of people love fried or baked fish but it's such a task to find it here in Memphis. I'd have to go to way out to Frayser or White Haven to find fish and that didn't mean it would be good. I wanted to get to a place where I could get people what they wanted, a plate of good hot fish.  

Q: What is your long term goal for Stacey's Southern Cookin and Delivery Service'?

A: I love to be able to at least have 2 or 3 different locations in the Memphis area or at least in the surrounding area. In 5 years I really want to be able to service my immeadiate area. I want to be able to cater and not just bring the food to you but cater your events. I want to do that in the next 5 years


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